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Education solutions

Streamlining document services in education

Educational institutions of today face numerous challenges, from a heterogeneous, more varied student population who expects 24/7 connectivity and device flexibility (including BYOD); via new concepts for knowledge transfer, such as open universities, massive open online courses (MOOCs) and virtual learning environments (VLEs); to increasing international competition promoted by the Bologna process. To enable greater complexity and heterogeneity, educational institutions urgently need to make significant changes in their structures and processes. This is where Konica Minolta can help you reduce your administrative costs, deliver services more efficiently, and improve your ability to focus on your primary mission of serving students and effectively managing your operations.

Key benefits:

  • Greater workflow efficiency and archiving security through reliable scanning and data capturing processes as a part of general administrative procedures
  • Electronic provision of learning materials and course documentation as well as fast integration into MOOC and VLE contexts
  • Effective protection of sensitive data and critical content, whether in electronic or hard-copy form
  • Control and allocation of print, copy and scan costs to individual users, departments or faculties
  • Convenient, flexible and secure payment systems for self-service on-campus printing


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