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Boost to productivity and document security

Nowadays, students and lecturers want to work with digital documents, whether the original information is contained in a digital or paper-based file. For maximum efficiency, your educational staff needs convenient solutions to compile content from different sources into a single printable file that can be transmitted to colleagues or published for students. Here, Konica Minolta can support you with customised, automated solutions for compiling course material. Our document management solutions enable documents to be shared more efficiently and securely.

How your institution benefits

  • Security gains:
    • Data consistently available for queries, reports, and data exports
    • All issue-related information fast available via search function
    • Catastrophe recovery
    • Established role-based access rules
    • Introduction of security measures for intellectual property 
  • Increased efficiency:
    • Top-quality course material and shorter paper-to-digital document cycles
    • Lower paper costs through more electronic documents
    • Fewer lost or misfiled data, worksheets and files
    • Clear and complete audit trails to facilitate administrative procedures

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Feel free to contact us for more detailed information or if you have any questions.

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